Animal Surgical Services in Park City, KS


Chisholm Trail Animal Hospital is proud to offer the most advanced surgical techniques and technology available in veterinary medicine.

Surgical Laser

Chisholm Trail Animal Hospital was one of the first veterinary clinics to offer animal surgical services that replaced the scalpel with the surgical laser. The use of a surgical laser results in a faster recovery time and less trauma, pain, bleeding, and swelling post-operation for your pet. The surgical laser seals nerve endings and small blood vessels during surgery, allowing our doctors to perform each procedure with extraordinary precision.

Quality Anesthesia and Monitoring

Every anesthetic patient receives an IV catheter and is maintained on IV fluids during the surgical procedure. All patients undergo endotracheal intubation and receive oxygen, anesthetic gas, pre-operative sedation and pain medication before, during and after their procedures. Full anesthetic monitoring is performed with every procedure. Our animal surgical services focus on providing an extra margin of safety, especially for our older or high-risk patients.

Post-Op Therapeutic Laser Treatment

Chisholm Trail is proud to be the first veterinary clinic in the Wichita area to use therapeutic laser technology to accelerate patients’ post-surgical healing and to reduce pain, swelling, and inflammation at the surgery site.

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