Dog Dental Cleaning: What You Should Know

It’s common knowledge that you should provide your pets with nutritious food and plenty of exercise to make sure they stay fit. But many owners tend to overlook one of the most crucial factors in maintaining your pet’s health: oral care.

Although your dogs aren’t as prone to cavities, they may still develop other oral problems like plaque buildup and gingivitis. This is why their teeth, gums, and everything in between should always be in good shape. Pet dental cleaning will help you achieve this.

Aside from being free from tartar, their teeth should also be complete and intact. Their tongue should be moist and free of cuts and lumps as well. To maintain good oral health for your pet, here are some tips that can make this part of pet care much easier.

Brush Their Teeth Regularly

It may seem simple, but dogs don’t necessarily love the idea of having their teeth brushed. You need to have a little strategy on doing this to try and make it a pleasant experience for them. Pick a consistent time to brush your pet’s teeth (example: after dinner). Start by offering a bit of toothpaste on your finger like a treat for a couple of days. Once your pet begins to look forward to the toothpaste, you can slowly move to placing your finger in his mouth. The final step should be to introduce the toothbrush.

Alternatives to Brushing

If your dogs aren’t fans of brushing and simply won’t tolerate it, then using dog tooth wipes, dental rinses or water additives are your best alternatives. These products are all made to help reduce plaque but, remember, they will not be as effective as brushing at removing plaque stuck between nooks and crannies.

Give Them Proper Chew Toys

Organic or synthetic chew toys aren’t only made to keep your dog entertained. Some are also specifically designed to clean teeth and gums. Just remember to buy your dog safe and vet-approved products. Also, like with tooth wipes, chew toys aren’t meant to be a complete substitute for brushing.

Get Dental Cleanings

Dental cleanings can greatly help your dog maintain good oral health. Your veterinarian will examine your pet’s mouth at every exam, so make sure to schedule regular visits with your veterinarian. Get in touch with Chisholm Trail Animal Hospital to Make an Appointment.

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