Dog Dental Cleaning: What You Should Know

It’s common knowledge that you should provide your pets with nutritious food and plenty of exercise to make sure they stay fit. But many owners tend to overlook one of the most crucial factors in maintaining your pet’s health: oral care. Although your dogs aren’t as prone to cavities, they may still develop other oral…

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3 Tips for Taking Care of Aging Dogs

Your dog might always be a puppy to you, but just like with people, they grow old too. You’ll eventually notice they’re panting heavier after taking a walk or struggling to get up on the bed for cuddles. It’s a natural part of life, and the important thing is that you know how to take…

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Cat Care: Tips for Keeping Your Kitties Healthy During Winter

If you’re currently living with a cat or two, you’ll know how they love to stay comfortable. But things can change now that colder seasons are starting to set in. Winter for cats can be too chilly at times. While they have natural fur to keep them warm, that may not be enough. Keep in…

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Pets and Festivities: Dangerous Holiday Foods for Dogs

The holidays are coming up, which means lots of fun and plenty of food to share with family and friends. It might be tempting to give your dogs some of your favorite meals during this time, but you must be careful. Though there are human foods safe for dogs, some of them can cause serious…

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Spotting Symptoms: How to Tell if Your Dog Is Sick

These days, pet care for dogs is widely available. You can easily find a veterinary clinic near you by just browsing the Internet. But it’s hard to know when to take your dog there. Of course, annual visits are essential, but they may get sick and need medical attention out of the blue. Since your…

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A Guide to Keeping Your Dog Fit

Many dog owners believe a chubby dog is cute and cuddly. Some even think that this condition is healthy. But, similar to people, being overweight can be a problem for your pets, since it can lead to other health complications. As their owner and companion, it is important that you help your pets stay in…

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