Spotting Symptoms: How to Tell if Your Dog Is Sick

These days, pet care for dogs is widely available. You can easily find a veterinary clinic near you by just browsing the Internet. But it’s hard to know when to take your dog there. Of course, annual visits are essential, but they may get sick and need medical attention out of the blue.

Since your furry companions can’t tell you if they’re not feeling well, you should learn how to spot the different symptoms that tell if they’re ill so you can help them immediately. Here are 3 of the most common telltale signs:

Uneasy Breathing

Dogs normally pant, especially after a good game of fetch. They do this to get rid of the heat building up in the body after an activity. Uncomfortable breathing is very different, though, since this is a sign that your dog is doing this to cope with a health problem, including different respiratory disorders.

Pay attention to your dog’s breathing pattern. On average, dogs take 15-30 breaths a minute. Understand how they breathe and pant so you can easily notice changes that may need medical attention.

Lack of Appetite

Though this doesn’t always indicate a disease, you should always make sure to let your vet know if your dog isn’t eating as much. This can be a sign of a significant illness that needs to be treated immediately. If ignored, your pet may lose a lot of weight, which will affect their overall health.

If you don’t notice any other symptoms that might cause loss of appetite, your dog may have dental problems. They aren’t eating because they’re having a hard time chewing. Bring them to the clinic so the vet can check if there are broken or loose teeth.

Hair Loss

Shedding should always be expected from dogs, particularly during warmer months. But, if they lose so much fur that they have bald spots, then you might have a problem. This is a common sign of dog allergies or an infection.

Consult a Professional

If you notice that they’re showing persistent symptoms, it’s best to take them to a vet so they can conduct proper exams and provide the right treatments. Get in touch with Chisholm Trail Animal Hospital today so you can take your dog to a reliable veterinary clinic. Give your pets the best medical attention they deserve.

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